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With 13 Hours Left in the Poll How Is Gov. Sununu Doing?

Chris Sununu

Our latest poll asks whether you would support a Republican if they primaried governor Chris Sununu. The answers were No, Yes, and Yes, but only if it was the right candidate. The poll ends in 13 hours. How is Governor Sununu doing so far?

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As of 10:45 am ET, 



Sununu Repub Primay poll Question

He’s doing rather well at this point, with 60.61% saying they would not support a Primary (or would vote for the Governor if there was one).

Close to 25% would support a primary and vote for the challenger. Another 14.49% might support a challenger if it were the right candidate. Those two options (combined) account for 39.39% of all votes so far.

Governor Sununu is enjoying a comfortable 60-40 advantage, which is much better than yesterday afternoon when I checked. At that time, he had less support than the other two options. So, as the poll lingers on, more folks are getting behind the Governor.

There is, of course, the matter of (potentially) losing 25% of your base in a general election.

If you have not voted yet, please do. The poll ends at midnight tonight.