The time-and-effort loophole - Granite Grok

The time-and-effort loophole

If you’re a female, you’re not allowed to sell your eggs to someone else.  However, you can donate them, while receiving ‘compensation for your time and effort’.

This seems like such a huge loophole that it’s long surprised me that more people don’t take advantage of it.  Prostitutes, for example.  (I can’t sell you sex, but I can donate it to you, and you can compensate me for my time and effort.)

Times being what they are, it’s possible that the quickest way for businesses to re-open, without needing anyone’s consent, or having to follow arbitrary and often asinine restrictions, would be to take advantage of this loophole.  Open your doors, but not as a business.   Donate your goods and services, and allow the people you’re helping out — who are not customers — to compensate you for your time and effort.

Note that, unlike our new Soviet-style central economic planning diktats, this approach has decades of precedent behind it.   And it doesn’t require you to wait for a governor to get tired of being a king, or a legislature to get around to changing any laws.