#Reopen NH Rally - In Vehicles, On Foot, Use Masks, Social Distancing, or not - Just Be There! - Granite Grok

#Reopen NH Rally – In Vehicles, On Foot, Use Masks, Social Distancing, or not – Just Be There!

Live Free End the Lockdown

In support of #Reopen NH, there is a rally in Concord this Saturday, April 18th. We’ve received a lot of questions at the ‘Grok, as have they, about how this is supposed to look. The answer? Here it is.

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Thank you all for your spirited effort in developing, organizing, and sharing this event! This is a grassroots, decentralized mission made up of different individuals and groups collaborating for the common goal to Reopen New Hampshire!

This event and movement are coming together in a way that reflects the liberty we are all demanding. As such, participants may demonstrate in whatever manner they feel comfortable.

You can demonstrate in your vehicles or on foot. You can wear a mask or not wear a mask. You can stand six feet apart, or give each other hugs. It’s your choice.

Bring signs and be ready to make your voice heard! We will meet at 12 pm at the alcove to the right of the arch in front of the State House. This is on the corner of Park and Main Street. (See photo).

There is a suggested travel pattern for people demonstrating in their vehicles. (See photo).

It is expected that everyone will conduct themselves peacefully and adhere to the non-aggression principle. The state and media will be watching. Let’s make sure that we demonstrate that we can be responsible and free at the same time. We do not need to live in fear.

Let’s reclaim our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!

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