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Data Point – Americans rejecting the message of Anti-Gunners

NSSF adjusted NICS 03-20 21 year history

(reformatted, emphasis mine):

The FBI’s March NICS background data for march was released yesterday and it was every bit as horrific as the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex feared it would be. The adjusted background check data quantified what we’ve all seen in the photos of Americans lining up — sometimes for hours — outside of gun stores all across the country.   Meanwhile, the gun control industry isn’t taking the news well.

American gun control advocates said they found the statistics on record-breaking numbers of firearms background checks concerning, and urged Americans to think twice before panic-buying a gun, particularly if they had never owned one before.

…“We need to prepare for the increased risk of more firearms in untrained hands,” David Chipman, a senior policy adviser at Giffords, a leading gun violence prevention expert, said in a statement. “If you didn’t think you needed a gun prior to March of this year, you certainly don’t need to rush out and get one now.”

Actually, that last statement is mere propaganda – I think people SHOULD be going out and getting something with which to defend they and theirs with.  I think that these latest astronomical high purchase rates is normal behavior on the part of rational people. You have lots of people that are trapped in this Government created economic disaster.  You have criminals that may well be looking at this as a field day situation. Now add to it that many law enforcement personnel are out sick with the China Flu (over 1,000 in NYC alone). Now add again the myriad of “Progressive” (I’ll call them absolutely retarded (and if you are Politically Correct, don’t bother with your blather – I won’t care)) elected and bureaucratic officials setting policy in which criminals are being given “space to crime” without police response, of COURSE people are going to say:

“Government refuses to protect its community”

Actually, it seems that criminals ARE its newest group on the Progressive Identity Group Politics Totem Pole – and not the actual citizens that pay for it. And they are seeing, in area after area, that Government is more concerned with the health welfare of the prisoners and releasing them back into OUR general population so as to not “expose” them to the Kung Flu in the local Iron Bar Hotel. And in other matters as well.

What was that little thing about “consent by the governed” again? Consent, in order to be given, must have a sense of Trust wrapped up in that concept. What is it that I’m missing on this?

Well, I may be missing something but certainly the rest of the citizenry is not – like it or not, they are seeing more and more signs leading to the perception that Government, at least in this area, doesn’t care. At all. Not a whit.

So, they will now become more self-reliant again. And the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex, that is always saying “trust Government – the cops will come!” are being seen for the frauds they are.

Sidenote: to continue to beat a dead horse, remember that noted “anti-gun violence” and repeat 2nd Amendment Infringer-in-Chief”  “Assault Rep” NH State Rep Katherine Rogers wants to cut down on gun violence but she herself was found guilty and convicted of assault violence on a senior citizen lady SIMPLY because of an opposite political view. So don’t tell me this is just to stop violence.

When it comes down to it, there is a reason for the Second Amendment. Those numbers are SKY HIGH simply because people are realizing, even liberals, that there is a reason why the God-given Right to self-defense with “arms” is a full Tier 1 human Right.

Those that would repeal the Second Amendment are shaking in their boots right now as they KNOW that as more and more people tell them “Up Yours!” and go to the local gun store, the less and less chance they have in passing more infringements on their basic Rights.

(H/T: The Truth About Guns)