Watch: In Other News Mount Merapi Shoots Dust Plume 16,000 Feet into the Sky - Granite Grok

Watch: In Other News Mount Merapi Shoots Dust Plume 16,000 Feet into the Sky

Mt Merapi Erupts

Indonesia is a volcanic wonderland and Mount Merapi, or so the reporting goes, is its most active volcano. In keeping with that distinction it just threw a bit of a fit.

ICYMI: What would you do if you were in the governor’s shoes now? 

This might not be bad news for the locals, but a 2010 eruption killed 300. So far, this incident is limited to ash, which has its own problems. 

The volcano, which is near the historic city of Yogyakarta, had another big eruption earlier this month, which sent even more ash into the air at 20,000 feet. That eruption covered the nearby city of Solo with ash and forced an airport closure.

Breathing in some of the smaller particles of ash can cause or complicate respiratory distress. Indonesia, like most of the world, has its share of coronavirus cases. So, that’s not helpful. But there’s another issue the left will need to consider.

Large persistent ash plumes can lower global temperatures for years. Seeing as we are already in a solar minimum that may well turn into a grand solar minimum, adding volcanic ash cane lead to significant drops in average global temperature and in some places result in unusual and unexpected cold weather.

Not exactly the end of the world scenario painted by the folks whose models (just as flawed as the coronavirus models, by the way – maybe more so) push a socialist take over of the economy as the best means to cool the planet.

Cool growth and prosperity, sure, but the globe, I don’t think so. And it was, after all, China where the Wuhan virus started. And China is both a communist nation (the goal of socialism is communism) and they are an active member of the Paris Climate Accord.

Merapi Strong T-Shirts will be available any minute now. Or maybe, I visited Merapi and all I got was pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. (I learned that word in 9th grade. It might be the only thing I remember. Wait, I remember Geometry. That’s math, for our liberal “friends.”)

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