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Watch: Joe Biden Tells Auto Worker He’s Full of S**T!

Biden tells auto worker hes full of shit

I’m certain that this exchange with a Detroit Auto-Worker will in no way reflect upon the Democrats, their party, the presumptive nominee for President, or the narrative that suggests Joe Biden is less coarse and more civil than Mr. Trump. Language Warning.

And remember, Biden is going to put Beto in charge of getting all the AR-14s, so there’s context.

WORKER: “You are actively trying to end our Second Amendment rights and take away our guns.”
BIDEN: “You’re full of shit.”

There’s some finger-pointing by Biden and a bit of the usual I’ve got guns, my son’s hunt, blah blah…but the above exchange is the gold standard. I don’t think he won anyone over with this display. Feel free to comment on that.

Here’s the video, which might be a Bigger F-ing Deal than Obamacare.


| RedState

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