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Social Distancing? Old, old news

Wilson on the fence - social distancing

It also shows that fences make for very good neighbors. Something we’re seeing all over the place lately.

It is a rather hypocritical stance for some of these Democrat governors that are “stalking” runaways from NJ and NY – just ask RI Governor Gina Raimondo that is now going after “second homers” traveling to RI to get away from the Kung Flu explosion in NY. FL Gov DeSantis (yes, an R) is also asking NY and NJ residents to stay away. The natives in Pennsylvania are unhappy that NY “coronavirus tourists are flooding their rural areas.  Heck, if you look in our comment sections, it is clear that reporting by our frequent commenters are showing the same thing.

Imagine if they had the resources, how fast they’d be putting up fences around their boarders? And let’s get real – the “voluntary self-quarantining” that is being “asked” of these folks is going to be as observed as NH and Federal politicians obeying both the Letter and the Spirit of our Constitutions (which is to say, not at all).

I do, however, want to know how’d they get around the Constitutional prohibition for them, at the State level, prohibiting inter-State commerce and travel (which is reserved for the Federal Government).

(H/T: Powerline)