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Notes Reveal State Lawsuit’s Only Principle Was the Pursuit of More Money for Government

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Regular readers know that the climate scam is not about seas, or ice, or storms, or weather. It is a clever political ploy to shift us toward a planned economy. More government, less private sector. Higher taxes, less prosperity. From the Free Market to socialism.

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By taking over the energy sector the Left can control you, everything. On our way to that end, the beast needs revenue. Carbon taxes, fuel taxes, transportation taxes, and even lawsuits against energy companies serve one purpose. Add monies to the coffers of a ravenous out-of-control bureaucracy barking at the end of the ruling class leash.

Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management Director Janet Coit told attendees at a meeting in New York that the state sued the industry to find a “sustainable funding stream,” nonprofit group Energy Policy Advocates noted in court documents filed Wednesday.

Energy Policy Advocates discovered a memo through a public information request that revealed handwritten notes from Carla Frisch of the Rocky Mountain Institute that show Coit complaining that her state’s General Assembly is refusing to take decisive action on climate change.

The lawsuit is an executive branch move to generate cash flow because elected representatives won’t screw their constituents to feed the beast. Jackpot justice. Screw some corporate target, who will dilute those costs down into what you pay for products and services, and pretend you did everyone a favor. To fund your liberal bulls***t.

That’s always the formula. Whatever it is corporate billions should pay. Pay who? The corporatist trillionaire government. An incorporated body, unlike the businesses, that can make laws and use force to extort anyone it pleases on any basis for which it can muster a one-vote majority. And when the majority refuses to play along, it finds other means.

On the wee Island of Rhode, which is not an island at all, they are lying about lawsuits to milk private interests to fatten government.

Don’t begrudge them, New Hampshire does the same thing. Though we appear to be the only media outlet that ever calls them out on it.

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