How do Democrats 'Solve' Their Joe Biden Problem? - Granite Grok

How do Democrats ‘Solve’ Their Joe Biden Problem?

Biden Biden

With up to 86 million potential infections and over 12,000 deaths in the US, it might seem odd for the Biden Website to state that Joehelped lead the Obama-Biden Administration’s effective response to the 2009 H1N1 pandemic.” Especially when he is also claiming he was never involved.

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In a CNN town hall Friday night, the Democratic presidential candidate was asked whether the Obama administration should have done more to prepare for another outbreak.

“I wasn’t part of it,” Biden claimed.

To his credit, most of Joe’s Point-Man jobs for Obama resulted in someone in his family getting a sweet deal and a pile of cash. And while the campaign website was giving Joe props for being a part of the Swine Flu Response (maybe he was in town at the time), there are no known scandals linking him or a family member to fraud during the event, so Joe probably was not involved. 

I’m sure the country was better off for it, but that just means he lied on his website.

Joe Knows Health Care

Of course, what Joe knows and does not know changes from moment to moment. Does he know who wrote and approved this copy on the COVID-19 response page of his campaign website? Did he ever know? Where did they get the idea that he ‘Lead the Administration’s “effective” response? Did he lead or was he involved?

Does anyone in the Joe 2020 campaign know what “effective” means?

For example, how effective is anything on this page when the guy it is about ventures out into the media world and before the public and contradicts what it says? 

At this point, Joe Biden’s biggest political liability is Joe Biden and we can’t be the only people who can see that.

Democrats threw their weight behind the weakest candidate on their slate and now they have to live with it. unless of course, they have a plan to put Joe to sleep before November and use that tragedy as a rallying point for whomever they’d really rather have as the nominee.

Maybe Joe “gets” the Chinese Flu after the ‘virtual’ Convention. A pocket flare-up, or something. His illness would be tragic and difficult given his age even if he survived it. And Democrats could elevate their hand-picked VP. Lord knows none of them thinks Biden can win, even after this crisis.

They have to be planning something. But what? This guy is a disaster during a disaster. He’s his own worst enemy. And I can’t see the Party of politics before people giving a damn about what happens to Joe Biden as long as it doesn’t also happen to them.

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