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Elective Surgery Options During Coronavirus: Skin Cancer No, Abortion, Yes!

Taxachusetts welcomes you

I have been known, from time to time, to ask questions. Like, why am I paying for other people’s elective surgeries? It’s my money but I don’t get to choose?

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Abortion is the most obvious of these but it has become fashionable of late to insist that total strangers give up some of their pay for sexual reassignment as well. Modification, both chemical and surgical, to adapt other people’s bodies to match a mental picture they have in their heads.

I have a mental picture of me not letting you spend my money on that.

The government has no business doing a lot of things, most of the things it does, but this has to be high on the list. Financing the chemical castration of anyone, especially children, to change their sex, through programs like Medicaid. Paying to change the sex of a felon serving time in prison.

These are ridiculous requests of taxpayers, abuses of fiscal faith and trust, and just wrong. What’s next, facial reconstruction, knee surgery, artificial limbs (other than for anyone who lost them in service to the public or the country like a cop or a soldier?). Hey, I want to look like a Penguin! 

Abortion is no different than any of that. No matter what you decide it is, a choice, a right, or health care, it’s elective. Or are we abandoning another pillar of the sacred temple? It is no longer a choice, no longer elective, it is compulsory like it’s funding?

Calm down, that’s not a stretch.

We are talking about Democrats descended politically from progressive eugenicists. They’ve reduced the minority population in ways Sanger and company could never have imagined. One-hundred years ago it was contraceptives, castrations, and minimum wage laws that were going to cleanse the nation of the unworthy lower and minority classes.

These days, its abortion. An elective surgery. We know it is elective because the State of Massachusetts just said so. In the name of appeasing the abortion industry, they have exempted abortion from the state’s temporary ban on elective surgery.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has exempted elective abortions from the statewide ban on elective surgery during the coronavirus precautionary restrictions.

“DPH defines nonessential, elective invasive procedures as procedures that are scheduled in advance because the procedure does not involve a medical emergency; provided, however, that terminating a pregnancy is not considered a nonessential, elective invasive procedure for the purpose of this guidance,” the state agency said in a written statement.

You can’t go out to eat, see a show, attend or participate in a sporting event, or even work – in some instances. The list of restriction are growing. But if you need an abortion, that’s just fine. The state of Massachusetts will not stand in your way. This elective surgery is exempt during the pandemic crisis. So, it is elective surgery. Good to know. 

What elective surgeries are not exempt?

  • Knee replacement
  • Hip replacement
  • Excision of cancerous skin lesions
  • Colonoscopy
  • Tooth Extraction
  • Removal of Ingrown Toenail
  • Kidney stone lithotripsy (a procedure that breaks down kidney stones)

So, the cancerous skin lesions stay but the unborn person gotta go. Nice culture you got, be a shame if something…

You, know if I were a Masshole (I was born there, I can say that) I’d elect not to pay for any elective surgeries. They are elective. Elect, to not pay. But for that to happen you’d have to elect politicians who won’t insist and then pass laws to make it happen.

Good luck with that in Massachusetts. Where, in the midst of a pandemic Dempanic, the abortion industry has more pull than skin cancer.

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