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Climate Cult: Oyster Farts Are a Threat to the Future of the Planet


The original headline is “Oyster Flatulence Worries Climate Scientists.” Well, what doesn’t these days, I say. But ponder the ramifications. No, not of oyster flatulence, “Climate Scientists.” How did they come upon this suspicion, the desire to explore it, and the means?

Or maybe the better question is why? Easy money and too much free time.

The team, from Cardiff University and Stockholm University, found that around 10 per cent of total methane emissions from the Baltic Sea may be due to clams and worms.

The study is three years old, but the ideas never die. Neither does truth. These creatures have been around a very long time. Millenia of out-gassing” rediculous amounts of methane that have compounded to (drumroll) 0.00017% of the earth’s atmosphere.

Methane is an important trace gas in Earth’s atmosphere. Even though it only makes up 0.00017% (1.7 parts per million by volume) of the atmosphere, methane traps a significant amount of heat, helping the planet remain warm and habitable. The amount of methane in the atmosphere is the result of a balance between production on the surface and destruction in the atmosphere.

That process has been going on for as long as Oysters (and everything else has been farting. But its discovery by a bunch of rent-seeking climate scientists with an ongoing if not desperate desire to keep their funding, have turned their discovery into a planetary crisis.

They must be Democrats of the European equivalent.

Their suggested solution for any such calamity from the one-trick donkey on our side of the pond is socialism. But if you happen to like oysters (and insist this is a situation in need of remedy) there’s a simpler way to address it. Eat more of them.

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