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Chicagoland Virus “Infects” 133 – Kills 38 in the Month of February


With all this concern about COVID-19, we don’t want to lose track of one of the most prevalent and pernicious plagues in America. “No right to Self Defense Flu,” also known as “Common Sense” Democrat gun control policies. 

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The Chicagoland version is a particularly virulent strain of this socio-political illness, claiming hundreds of lives annually in the Windy City. Since March 1st, seventeen people have suffered from gunshot wound poisoning, five of them fatally. All because the Democrat stranglehold on this city has left its citizens exposed and vulnerable to this infection.

In February, Chicagoland Virus “Infects” 133 – Kills 38 and while that sounds like a problem in need of a cure (and it’s actually a ‘good’ month for Chicago) the Democrat response is more of the same which, in the summer months, can lead to record numbers of “infections” and deaths.

In Democrat-controlled gun-ban crazy Chicago, someone is getting shot every three to four minutes and dies from these wounds about every fifteen.

In the past five years, there have been 3,173 homicides, 2,804 by firearms, with 13,898 people being shot and wounded but surviving their injuries.

If anyone tells you ‘gun control works,’ they are a Democrat and they are either lying or someone lied to them.

And while the Coronavirus or some other SARS variant will come and go (ordinary flu claims over 50,000 Americans annually), the epidemic loss of life in Democrat-run cities goes unreported or under-reported.

Every weekend is a tragedy, every week a travesty. Brought about by policies Democrats across the nation seek to impose everywhere. Even here in New Hampshire, where the average number of murders (by all methods) annually is surpassed in Chicago in the first few hours of every new year.

Gun control works…if the goal is more crime and murder. But that’s all its good for, and nothing else.

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