As President Trump's Approval Numbers Continue to Climb... - Granite Grok

As President Trump’s Approval Numbers Continue to Climb…

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President Trump is enjoying rising approval numbers (he’s more popular than the press too.) Gallup’s latest has him up (in the midst of the media Dempanic) 5 points from earlier in the month to 49%.

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Trump’s response to the novel coronavirus pandemic may be behind his higher overall approval rating. Americans give the president generally positive reviews for his handling of the situation, with 60% approving and 38% disapproving. Ninety-four percent of Republicans, 60% of independents and 27% of Democrats approve of his response.

The Hill-Harris X Poll has the President’s approval at 50%. His highest rating on that Poll since 2018.

President Trump received his highest approval rating since 2018 in a Hill-HarrisX poll released Tuesday. Fifty percent of registered voters approved of Trump’s job performance, while 50 percent disapproved. The last time his approval reached 50 percent or higher was August 2018, when he received 51 percent support.

This has to be driving the left crazy. Sixty-percent of independents in the Gallup poll. Democrats have done so much to try and destroy the economy already, from non-stop media terrorism to rigged infection projections. What’s a leftist have to do? Give up?

One thing we can say about the left, they never give up.

Non-stop campaigns. 24/7/365 paid lobbyists and local issues advocates. The partisan left-wing media. From the corridors to DC, to Concord to your town hall. It never stops.

That just means we must continue to remain vigilant as they try to wear us down.

Don’t let them wear you down. Mr. Trump doesn’t.

Be like Trump.