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As Predicted – Mayor Pete Buttigieg is OUT!


As predicted (just three days ago), South Bend it like Mayor Buttigieg has departed after the South Carolina Primary. The signs were there. Stick a fork in him. He’s done! And it has come to pass.

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A week to Super Tuesday and South Bend It Like Buttigieg is taking time off? His Presidential hopes turn on the next few days and he’s calling out sick?

AP broke the news not long ago.

Pete Buttigieg, who rose from being a small-town Midwestern mayor to a barrier-breaking, top-tier candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, is ending his campaign.

Three people with knowledge of Buttigieg’s decision told The Associated Press he began informing campaign staff on Sunday. They were not authorized to speak publicly and requested anonymity.

The question, of course, is who gets his support. Bernie or Biden. Feel free to let your opinions fly in comments.