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Armed Citizen Takes Down Active-Shooter Outside Tulsa Shopping Center

Concealed Carry

A woman who had some sort of disagreement outside a shopping center in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Friday returned after several minutes with a firearm. When she began shooting a concealed carry-permit holder drew his weapon to defend innocent bystanders.

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Tulsa Police responded about 6:30 p.m. Friday to the 5300 block of North Peoria Avenue for a reported shooting. A woman was found dead at the scene, according to a news release. She has not been identified as of Friday night.

A man with a concealed carry permit reportedly told arriving officers that he shot the woman after she started shooting at customers outside the shopping center.

The permit-holder was questioned and released without charges. Probably because he saved lives by being there when the police could not. In his absence, someone other than the shooter could be dead.

Who knows how bad this could have been had an armed citizen not been around to stop the shooter before she actually hit anyone? Sadly, because she didn’t actually kill or injure anyone, this story isn’t of nearly as much interest to the media as it would be otherwise, and this story will get virtually no national news coverage because there wasn’t enough carnage inflicted. The media would much rather talk about lives lost than lives saved.

Bearing Arms notes that local TV made it sound like the concealed carry permit holder was detained for shooting a woman.

Tulsa police say a woman has died after a shooting in north Tulsa Friday evening.

According to investigators a man shot and killed the woman near East 54th Street North and North Peoria Avenue.

Police say it was all caught on security footage outside a local store in the area and that’s why they now have the suspect in custody.

That will be about all that most folks will hear. But hey, there’s no bias or spin in local media. None at all.

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