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Trump Wins New Hampshire While Bernie Squeaks by Mayor Pete

Trump in manchester

President Trump has followed his sweeping victory in Iowa with a second win in New Hampshire. He did ask if we’d get tired of all the winning. The answer continues to be no.

All 17 Republican candidates on the New Hampshire Ballot got votes. From Zoltan Istvan who received 45 to the President with 120,476. (85.49%) Bill Weld, the second-place vote-getter got 12,949 (9.19%).

These numbers are with just over 70% of polls reporting. The final numbers will be slightly different.

I have to imagine that that Blue State Bill will be pleased with that otherwise meaningless result while write-ins came in third with 3,855 or 2.75% of the vote.

On the Democrat side, Bernie Sanders managed to cling to the win with 71,759votes or 25.73%. Mayor Cheat rolled up 68,141 (24.44%). Ay Klobochur came in third 19.78% ahead of Liz Warren with 9.29%.

Buh-Bye Biden received 8.42% of the vote.

Tom Steyer Bought 3.6% of the vote while Tulsi Gabbard gathered in 3.23%. Bloomberg is not on the New Hampshire ballot despite all the attention he got from a handful of votes in Dixville Notch. But if we give him the write-ins there were4,63 of those with 1.46% of the vote, just ahead of Deval Patrick who got 0.43%.

The final percentages will not look much different at this point with only smaller precincts unaccounted for at the time of this reporting.

Congratulations New Hampshire. You have not only survived another presidential primary our media device advertising onslaught can now return to cars and banks and food at least for a few months.