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Trump Budget Cuts the Size of the Federal Government

Trump Budget Proposal Cuts the Size of the Federal Government

President Trump’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2021 does something we should support. The proposed budget would reduce the size and reach of the federal bureaucracy.  That is a good thing. It is a step in the right direction. As important is the way he has chosen to do this too is significant.

What’s cut and what’s returned to the states?

The proposed budget does this in two ways. It does so by shifting government responsibilities back to constitutional priorities. This is a long overdue change in policy direction.  It also does so by empowering state and local governments. What a concept… keep the spending closer to where the people can actually affect the decision making.

These reforms are contained in the request Trump sent to Congress. Nobody is talking about them. There has been almost zero reporting on this. The move would put the budget on track to balance. What a wonderful thing. It would represent a significant first step toward reducing spending. We must do something to stabilize the nation’s unsustainable debt.

The president’s proposed budget is not perfect. The proposal represents a missed opportunity in other areas. It fails to propose significant reforms to Social Security. That’s an area that must be addressed and everyone knows it. Health care entitlement programs are out of control and beyond sustainable.  Together these are the main drivers of spending and debt growth.

How we can work together for a better America

The president’s annual budget proposal should serve as a road map to Congress.  It is an olive branch and a request. It is a map for how the executive and legislative branches can work together in America’s best interest.  The proposal shows how we can increase individual freedom and economic prosperity for all Americans.

Our out-of-control federal spending is a threat to our freedom and the freedom and prosperity of future generations.  The president must continue to lead the way. He must propose bolder reforms. We need to not only will balance the budget in the short term. The government must return to a long-term path to sustainability. The Trump budget proposal cuts the size of the federal government.