Some Lefty Thug Slaps a Minor in a MAGA Hat and GraniteGrok is the Only One Covering It! - Granite Grok

Some Lefty Thug Slaps a Minor in a MAGA Hat and GraniteGrok is the Only One Covering It!

WIndham Trump Tent Damaged

At 6:36 am this morning we reported a story about a thug outside a Windham Polling place Tuesday who slapped a minor because he had a MAGA hat on his head. Twelve hours later and I cannot find this story anywhere else in NH Media but here.

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Ask yourself, if a guy in a MAGA hat slapped a kid, any kid, anywhere, and there were witnesses, and the police were called, would it be all over the news?

Picture of alleged assailant?I’m going with yes!

I guess the next question is why isn’t it on the news all over New Hampshire? All over the nation?

The entire media universe was in the Granite State for the Primary. I was on Radio ROw all Weekend. I saw them.

My guess is because the Windham Police Department let the guy go and hushed it up. And he wasn’t wearing the MAGA hat!

I can’t say that for a fact, it is supposition. But based on the day’s news, I think I have a case.

What happened?

Here is one of the people the thug hit.

We got attacked at Windham High by an Antifa like dude. Dude sucker hit a minor Trump volunteer we were with and as we tried to retain him , he sucker punch me in my mouth. Mangled me up.

A dude hit a minor Trump volunteer and we don’t know the assailants name.

My job title does not include the word journalist because that’s not what I get paid to do. But the last time I checked there are plenty of people around here who are paid to do that. Any bets on whether we find out the alleged assailant’s name and publish it before anyone else?

They have a huge advantage. I’m not even trying that hard. But right not we’re the only ones trying to do anything.