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Phil Haney Didn’t Kill Himself

Philip Haney DHS

Former DHS Terrorism expert Phil Haney didn’t kill himself. He was murdered. Assassinated, according to our friend Jim Simpson, who knew him well – taken from the world weeks before an exciting new marriage, and the release of another book.

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The List of things Haney had to look forward to was numerous, and by all accounts, he was eager to embrace them all.

No one among us who knew Phil believes that it was possible for him to kill himself.  He was a committed Christian, was looking forward to his upcoming marriage and the publication of his new book and possibly a new position in Washington, D.C.  None of it adds up.

Haney was the Obama Whistle-Blower who testified about the administration hiding known and potential terror threats on domestic soil. He wrote a book about it. Haney revealed how the Obama Administration made him delete extensive files on two occasions. Including details that could have prevented the Pulse Nightclub attack in Orlando and the San Bernadino shootings.

Scores of lives could have been saved.

Politics First, People Last

It makes perfect sense. Mass shootings can advance disarmament policy. Victims are just collater damage, and as we well know, thanks to Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat party is fine with thatIf There Is ‘Collateral Damage’ To Americans Who Don’t Share Our Views, ‘So Be It.’” But not just Americans who don’t share their views. Anyone whose sacrifice advances the party agenda.

They’ve been sacrificing the black community, family values, and human life for decades. The war on poverty is not to end it but to sustain it as a reliable voting block for the left. Common sense gun laws increase crime and turn people into victims dependent on an indifferent police state.

Has it been a week since I wrote this? The Democrat party destroys everything it touches. And now, very likely, it (or someone connected to it) has destroyed Phil Haney. But not his research.

As noted here, sources in National Security said, “all of [Haney’s] files are safe in somebody else’s hands and they are with the right people.”

My question was if that included the files the Obama Administration ordered him to erase? I received an answer to that question. The same sources have high confidence that the files contain this information.

And there are several sets, all secured with “the right people.” 

I wonder if one of those people could be (should be, or will be) US Attorney John Durham?

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