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Palate Cleanser – It’s a freaking laser!

Drone laser

When you think of being able to target a drone, or a swarm of drones, all moving all over the place, this is a rather amazing bit of kit. And fits in the back of a truck!

At first glance, this video is just a simple promotional video for Rafael’s Drone Dome, an anti-drone laser weapon. But at just two minutes long, it does a really excellent job at explaining what how a laser weapon actually takes down a drone.

The video, uploaded to YouTube, shows off a truck-mounted version of Drone Dome, a Counter-Unmanned Aerial System, or C-UAS, weapon. Technically Drone Dome is the name for an anti-drone package that includes a search radar, drone radio command detector, an electro-optical sensor, and command and control system. Once detected, Drone Dome can utilize two countermeasures to employ against drones: a radio frequency jammer or the laser weapon above.

(H/T: Popular Mechanics)