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Dems Wear Traditional Klan Colors to SOTU While Trump Announces Record Low Black Unemployment

Dems in White SOTU

Democrats are bitter clingers. Not Max Klinger, though there could have been a man in that congressional audience wearing women’s white. No, I mean bitter clingers. Bitter the way a child glares at someone else who has the toy they say they wanted.

And I mean “say” they wanted. As in, it’s an act. Drama, Political Theater. What do I mean?

Democrats have claimed for years that they are the party of minorities. That they help Black Americans. Then along comes Donald Trump. He passes tax reforms. The left says they are to help the rich. That they will hurt the poor and working families. What happens?

Poor and middle-class families thrive. Blacks and other minorities lift themselves out of poverty. Black and Hispanic employment climb to historic highs. The Trump economy is freeing them from the government dependency ghetto. From Democrats.

Is that why Democrats are so upset? Is that why they are wearing their parts traditional Klan colors? Because they want the minorities back on the plantation?

They say they are wearing white in solidarity for women, but we appear to have record low unemployment for women as well. I don’t think its women. And as someone noted here, the Women Suffragettes were pro-life.

Here in New Hampshire, Democrats wore white to Gov. Sununu’s state of the state address, and he’s a pro-abortion Republican. He’s pro-transgender bathrooms. He’s not oppressing women or being bigoted. But there they were, and I bet they’ll do it again. Even though tit’s racist.

Melania wore white and it was racist.

Ivanka got a white dog and it was racist.

When Democrats wear white it must be racist too. And they’re not happy about all that good news on Black and Hispanic employment.

Maybe next time will the Democrats wear the accessory hood as well?

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