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Deception: Lyin’ Tom Steyer’s Merrimack NH Commercial Has B-Roll from Some Other Town

Merrimack Steyer Ad Shot in New Boston

Democrat Presidential Candidate Tom Steyer has a commercial. Sorry, he has a lot of them. They are annoying. The most recent “takes place” in my town of Merrimack, New Hampshire. But is it really in Merrimack?

It starts out that way. Tom is in Merrimack with a supporter. But as the ad drones on in typical Steyer fashion we shift to external shots (B-Roll) and they are nowhere in Merrimack, New Hampshire.

The Yellow building with the red trim is the Northeast Cafe, 8 Mill St, New Boston. 

Merrimack Steyer Ad Shot in New Boston


It’s a beautiful shot, and New Hampshire is full of views like this, but this is not Merrimack and Lying Tom Steyer approved this message because blah blah blah.

I should note that I can’t even find this ad now, so I wonder if they pulled it. (If you find it send me a link, please.) 

I have seen the ad several times as has my wife who pointed this out as well. Where is that in Merrimack? Nowhere. 

Then, yesterday I was reminded of it when someone sent me the screenshot. Pictures from some other town that they “try to pass them off as something else” which is fitting. It summarizes everything you need to know about Tom Steyer and his campaign for President.

A Campaign-based and focused on advancing the dual lies of needing to address “climate change” and how the government can “fix it.” Which makes for a nice contrast. Steyer likes to rant about how Trump is a phony and a fraud. Tom must be looking in the mirror when he says that.

Of course, his ads are all misleading, like the one below when he was trying to buy Trump’s impeachment. It’s loaded with lies that the Left has passed off but which have all been debunked. But it begs the question, why? 

Democrats are trying to impeach Trump to hide their corruption. SO, he doesn’t uncover it. What does Democrat Tom Steyer have to hide? Or was he always planning to run for president and despite claiming he’s the guy who can go toe to toe with Donald Trump, knows he can’t beat him and needed him out of office.

That didn’t work. His climate commercials are all lies. His Merrimack Commercial has footage in it form some other town. What else do we need to know? 

Here’s that impeach him ad if you can take it. (I’ll keep looking for the Merrimack spot.)