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C’mon Out of the Closet Jennifer Horn – Bill Kristol Has Shown You the Way


The funniest thing I heard today was that CPAC has uninvited Mitt Romney. I’m Lovin’ It. The Second funniest thing was Bill Kristol, the infamous Neo-Con Never Trumper announcing on Twitter he’s a Democrat now.

And in true spineless RINO fashion, he says we are all Democrats Now. Or maybe just on election day. Or maybe just you?

He’s a Transrepublican. Or, is that a transdemocrat? I get them confused. Hardly matters. Kristol has been running cover for the ruling class swamp rats for years. A mole for progressive big government policy wandering around the Big Tent as if he put it there.

And nothing defines that as well as him admitting we can’t possibly know where he stands on anything at any given moment. It just depends on how he feels. With principles like that, well, he doesn’t have any except that he’ll lay down with Marxists to spite Republicans who support Donald Trump.

It’s irrational.

The economy is amazing. Race relations are improving. Our relationship with our true allies is healing and we’re making new ones. People know we oppose evil regimes like the one in Iran. We will try to reign China in on trade abuses. And we don’t need to start a ground war every time someone attacks us.

Not that any of that has anything to do with TDS. Which brings me to the final question. When is Trump-Hating RINO Jennifer Horn going to admit that she’s a Democrat too?

It’s not as if any actual New Hampshire Republicans have any doubt. 

C’mon out of the closet Jennifer. Bill Kristol has shown you the way.

| Daily Caller