Bigoted Coronavirus Doesn't Believe in the Gender Spectrum - Kills More Biological Men - Granite Grok

Bigoted Coronavirus Doesn’t Believe in the Gender Spectrum – Kills More Biological Men

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It is a fact. Respiratory flu-like infections have a higher rate of death in biological men. According to this New York Times report, “Some 32 percent of men infected with Middle East Respiratory Syndrome died, compared with 25.8 percent of women.”

More men died from the 1918 influenza pandemic and SARS claimed fifty percent more men than women. The same seems to hold true for the 2019 novel Coronavirus.

Although men and women have been infected in roughly equal numbers, researchers found, the death rate among men was 2.8 percent, compared with 1.7 percent among women.

In other words, it’s a bigoted discriminatory disease. You can pretend to be any gender you can imagine but if you were biologically male at birth your odds of dying are greater.

Mother nature is not down with the spectrum. And why would she? Gender is a fantastical postmodern extension of their denial of objective reality.

Gender is eminently mutable, to quote Prof. Rectenwald, who wonders (in his book Springtime for Snowflakes),  

“…why would hormone replacement therapy or gender reassignment surgery procedures would ever be necessary or advisable? Since, under transgender theory, believing is seeing, why would anyone ever need to change the secondary characteristics of sex?

In other words, if biological sex is truly meaningless as the SJW’s insist the deliberate act of modifying appearances to look like a particular biological sex ought to be verboten. You are trying to create an objective reality where none should exist. So, forced changes simply for appearance sake are themselves an act of discrimination that contradicts trans-theory. 

And making taxpayers backstop gender therapy or surgery should be an unconstitutional and discriminatory use of public funds.

And SARS does not care about your denial of objective reality. It discriminates based on biology and no amount of therapy or sex-change surgery will help you escape. Why?

Biological women are better at mounting an immune response and do so more effectively when vaccinated. It’s an objective scientific fact.

Sex matters.