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Trump Can’t Tell Democrats in Congress About Iran- They are a National Security Threat


Democrats leak national security details like a sieve. And they collude with our enemies (in this case Iran). If President Trump had briefed Democrats on the plan to take out two or Irans military leaders, the odds are good they’d have leaked it.

They leak raids on illegal aliens inside the US. Share secrets with China, not the least of which was everything that passed through Hillary’s illegal server. Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein had a spy driving her around for years. If there are some perceived political advantages, left-wing swamp rats will leak secrets to the press.

Democrats are a national security risk. Under no circumstance should the White House consult them on anything where existing permissions are not required for action in theater.

“The intelligence was that Soleimani was orchestrating chaos in Iraq at our expense and throughout the region,” Graham explained. “The president was informed of these potential attacks and he acted. This was a defensive strike to neutralize future attacks that were planned and executed by Soleimani and the popular mobilization front: the Shiite militias in Iraq.”

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham also notes,

Sanctions lead to internal strife. The Mullah’s crackdown was so violent they had to turn off the internet. And as Amil Imani pointed out here yesterday, most Iranians did not want the Islamic revolution. They have suffered under it for years and yearn to be free of it.

Under Mr. Trump, our interests have been limited to protecting allies in the region and our own assets. To date, most of the US action has not been a use of force. Sanctions, cyberattacks, and now a very limited strike on a leader in charge of terror and violence outside Iran’s borders.

If Iran retaliates as they suggest, there will be more sanctions, more cyber assaults, and where necessary military strikes.

Graham said that while the United States’ maximum pressure campaign against the Iranian regime has worked, what would “take it to the next level” would be to threaten to “destroy the ability of the Iranians to refine oil and sell it.”

“The president has to convince the ayatollah that if he retaliates, our response will be greater than the market will bear,” he concluded.

Iran attacked Saudi oil infrastructure to prove they could and to drive up oil prices. That didn’t work. This means the US can hit Iranian oil capacity, and it won’t drive oil up either. 

Iran has two swords, energy – which has been dulled, and terror, which invites retaliation. 

No appeasement, no pallets of cash, but throughout this process, Mr. Trump has offered to negotiate a way out for Iran. They refuse. Threats and violence are all they promise. It seems likely that this what they’ll get in return.

But the only people who will mourn the demise of the Iranian Islamic Revolution are the terrorists it has funded and armed.

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