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Trump Announces Manchester Rally on the Eve of the New Hampshire Primary

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Donald Trump came to New Hampshire last August, and we didn’t think we’d see him again for a while. Surprise! According to the Boston Globe, there are plans in the works for a Feb 10th rally, the night before New Hampshire’s First in The Nation Primary.

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President Trump is planning to hold a rally in New Hampshire on the eve of the state’s first-in-the-nation presidential primary next month, sources familar (sp) with the campaign say.

The Feb. 10th rally will be held in Manchester, but the exact location has not been determined.

With Democratic presidential candidates needing all the attention they can get before a critical primary, Trump’s rally could be viewed as trolling his field of potential rivals.

Needing and not getting, almost entirely because of other Democrats. Collusion, Ukraine, phonecalls, impeachment.

Yes, it might be trolling, but as noted, he is on the ballot, and he does have challengers for what that’s worth. So, trolling? Maybe.

Trolling would be holding a rally down the street from the DNC nominating convention on the night the Democrat nominee is scheduled to speak. That would be trolling. Epic, glorious, trolling.

As for Manchester, there is precedent. On Election eve 2016, Donald Trump held a rally in New Hampshire, then won the election the next day.

It worked in 2016. Maybe we’ll see the President again in November?

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