Honor your Oaths of office? When you get compared to this.... - Granite Grok

Honor your Oaths of office? When you get compared to this….

Honor your oath

…it looks like Politicians, as an entire class, are being seen for how they act.  Imagine that!  Compared to Criminals who break laws.

Actually, in a lot of cases, that sign is apt. We see elected officials all the time, on both sides of the aisle here in NH, break not only their actual oaths of office but their representations to their Parties as well. We have an election here in NH, within the NH GOP, where a high ranking NH GOP Official (actually, I can think of several) has regularly trashed important Planks of the Platform. You would think that supporting the Platform, aside from all that Big Tent nonsense which is used to excuse oneself from acting like a Republican when convenient. But I digress.

Oath of office includes fealty not just to the black letter wording but the spirit of the US and your State’s Constitution. YOU SWORE AN OATH. Breaking it makes you worse than a fifth rate used car lot sales dude. And we see it. No, not everyone does – they’re not paying attention as they are paying attention to the more important things – like life, family, friends, and jobs.

That sign says, out LOUD, that Politicians are fine in taking advantage of folks like that. It says that Politicians believe they can make themselves a protected class in and of themselves.

We activists know better. To most Politicians, it’s just a throw away group of sentences that mean little.

And in Virginia yesterday over 22,000 activists showed up to tell their elected officials what they think of them. The question will be, will the politicians listen?  I doubt it.

While politicians say soothing words and mild positions during campaigns, we see what the Democrat controlled government there is doing – removing actual enumerated rights (and not the faux ones that the Left is constantly moaning about) or so severely “common sensing” them (just a focus group phrase to replace “infringe”), they just as well be put out of existence.

Bottom line – if politicians of either side had worried about their Oaths, most states wouldn’t be in the messes they’re in now. The polarization and the partisanship would be far less than it is today.


Constitutions are supposed to hem in Government – allowed to do certain things and no others. Sorta like the fencing that Virginia did to the protesters yesterday – keep them in one area and not let out to create mayhem. The only difference is that the 2A protesters are law abiding and follow the Law. It has been my constant complaint that Politicians don’t see their own versions of that fencing anymore – they believe they are without bounds.  And what does that lead to?

Changing from Representing to Ruling. And not ruling by Constitutional values but by Partisan Ideology.  And in this case, even as the Constitution says “guns ok”, Virginia Democrats aren’t respecting that, not seeing those words as a fence to not break out from, but are gung-ho Rambo Ideologues that are trying as fast as they can to remove guns from their citizens.

Government over People.  Ideology over Constitutions. Ruling over Representing.

The Bigger the Government, the smaller the citizen.

One thing is sure – Virginia Governor “Blackface” Northam wants them as small as possible. Today it is the Second Amendment – what will it be tomorrow?