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Homeowner Faces Hundreds in Fines for Flying a Trump Flag on Her Property

Trump Flag Flap

A woman in Arizona is facing stiff fines for violating a local ordinance. The rule prohibits flying her Trump Flag except for certain months before or just after elections. Dumb ordinance. Also unconstitutional.

But since when did state or local government ever consult a constitution before writing a law or rule? Rarely if ever. If we wanted to dig in, I expect that more than a few of the state and local laws and ordinances we find cluttering up our lives violate at least one state or federal constitutional protection. But in this instance, it is a matter of free speech, and the mayor agrees. He thinks it’s time to change the rules.

Luckily for the homeowner, Prescott Valley Mayor Kell Palguta is “in her corner” and has already begun drafting a new ordinance to rectify the situation. … “She’s demonstrating her first amendment right,” Palguta said. “She has every right to, and who are we to tell her no?”

In proper Trump-supporter fashion, Tawney Baccellia, the homeowner, has no plans to remove the flag or pay any fines. This is probably not as risky as it sounds. Given that this is political speech, properly placed below the American Flag, and on “her property,” the town doesn’t stand much chance of surviving any serious challenge. And the Mayor is already working on changing the ordinance.

But what if the mayor were not on her side? What if she was dealing with a very liberal anti-Trump local government? A pro-bono legal group would have to step in and defend her against a challenge backed by taxpayer money

Trump Derangement Democrats would waste any amount of taxpayer money on almost anything, especially making a woman take a Trump flag down from her flagpole. 

Can picture the cops rolling up to handcuff her for failing to pay the fines and removing the flag. Maybe wearing SWAT gear or driving an armored vehicle.

It sounds a lot like Red Flag Laws. Neighbor complains. The state sends guns in to take your stuff and detain you maybe because you had a Trump flag in your yard.

It could happen.

Exit Strategy: I have an idea for Tawney Baccellia. Her flag pole is probably metal…

| Western Journal