Democrat Impeachment "Managers" Voted to Block Military Aid to Ukraine - Granite Grok

Democrat Impeachment “Managers” Voted to Block Military Aid to Ukraine

Fat Jerry Nadler

You drag a scam out long enough, and someone will dig up something to make you like a bigger ass -not hard to do with Democrats. Trump Derangement Syndrome has them in constant scandal mode (to hide their own), so we got nothing but time. Like, time to discover how Nadler and key Dems blocked aid to Ukraine.

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On July 26, 2018, all three [Nadler, Lofgren, and Jeffries] voted against the Fiscal Year 2019 National Defense Authorization Act, which included $250 million in security assistance to Ukraine. Despite Lofgren’s assertions to the contrary, such funds turned out not to be “unanimous, forceful, and unwavering,” with Lofgren herself among those undermining the very same unanimity that she ballyhoos.

The measure had significant bipartisan support, but these three impeachment managers opposed it, never suspecting that their obstruction would, just a year later, become the foundation of their case against Mr. Trump.

And why would it? At the time, they were lying their asses off about Mueller’s probe (another cover-up), collusion, and milking cameras and microphones predicting yet another end to the Trump presidency that collapsed under the weight of its own bulls***t.

Which is what the current situation amounts to as well. A whole lot of noise, signifying nothing. Well, not nothing. It would not surprise me if, as John Durham’s investigation proceeds, alongside new inquiries by the Senate into Ukraine, that they are all in on the coverup of Biden-Obama corruption.

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