And the Freedom Hong Kong "Social Justice Warriors for Freedom", too! - Granite Grok

And the Freedom Hong Kong “Social Justice Warriors for Freedom”, too!

Iran more American flags than Democrats

Watch almost any demonstration held by any Democrat affiliated organization and ask yourself – how many American flags do you see?  “Not many at all” is the correct response. But look at the demonstrations held by the native people in Hong Kong as they fight for their Freedom.

Waving American flags and singing OUR national anthem. They appear prouder than the Democrats here in the US, especially those running for President, who are basically saying this country is a “s***hole”.

Are they on the payroll of the Iranian mullahs?  Hey, just a thought but when I listen to the Iranian mouthpieces, I can’t really tell much of a difference. Same words, same phrases, and dismissing the accents for a sec, the same intonations.

And we can trace it all back to Obama with his “fundamentally change the US” phrase.  Why would they want to change it, and in some cases, change it completely, if they didn’t hate it in the first place? Every single one of the Presidential Wannabees have grandiose plans to change “us” (and none more grandiose than Granny Warren) – a “revolution” if you listen to Bernie.

It would be no different than living in Iran – just swap out one set of religious leaders (the mullahs) for another set (the Socialists). In both cases, the aim is the same: Government rules and tells its population how it will live. Once by the Quran and the other by some variation of Das Kapital.

Neither wants to allow us to choose for ourselves.

They’ve forgotten that the President is supposed to only execute the Laws passed by Congress – not act like autocrats.

(H/T: Powerline)