Tales from the Selectboard - "sure, ve haff der Power to make you verk for free fer der Recyling Center" - Granite Grok

Tales from the Selectboard – “sure, ve haff der Power to make you verk for free fer der Recyling Center”

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So last night was the Selectboard’s Public Meeting on the Recycling Center / Transfer Station: Rules, Regulations, and Fines.  And what fine Fines they are! Here’s the paperwork / package that was prepped for the meeting.public_hearing_notice.swc_rules_and_fees.11-20-19

Again, to set the stage, twice the Selectboard put in warrants for the money to build out this place:

  • 2017: $900,000
  • 2019: $400,000

At NO time and in NO place was the word MANDATORY ever used.  Sure, it was to be a Recyling Center and the premise, built on Town Administrator’s words that there will always be a positive revenue marketplace for our “stuff”, the thought was “cool, if someone wants to go through that process, more power to them”. And I said that last night several times and in several different ways. Transfer Station – good, for the rest of us, bring our trash there.  Basically the same as now except that I’d have to bring it instead of having a hauler bring it to the (Laconia) Transfer Station.  The former get the satisfaction of doing something good for themselves and GAIA, and good that I just get rid of my trash. Everybody’s happy.

At least until I actually read the notice (and some that weren’t happy with my testimony and questions last night). Right off the bat, this caught my eye:

  • …maximizing the most economic use of tax dollars…(page 1).  Later on, it talks about what we serfs citizens must do in order to satisfy Government (yes, turning the relationship upside down between citizens and the Government that is supposed to serve THEM instead of the other way around). The concern was only about the tax monies they’d take in – no concern at all about the impact of time they will be foisting upon us.  We’re just an input into their process.
  • Page 3, 10.5.5 (a) – again, mandatory.  There was never any kind of hearing by the Selectmen on Mandatory – just this hearing on Nov 20 (yes, am late on this) and the notice sent out on Nov 14th containing the above PDF.
  • (c) and (d) listed the things that we Citizens must learn, must be expert on, provide space on our properties for materials for their use (whether we have the space or not) and for sorting of them “to save the world” (regardless of whether or not we think the world needs saving or not, whether MY action or the Town’s action, will have any measurable affect or not).
  • Page 8, 10.5.10 – I dryly note that the Town refuses to be “worldview point neutral” in creating “free” dump days co-incident with “Earth Day”.
  • Page 8, 10.5.13 – lousy hours of operation; pretty much a funnel to have most people (e.g., who have jobs) wishing to do this MUST be doing this on Saturdays only.

And then starting at the bottom of page 12 were the penalties for not being “good serfs and sheeple”:

  • First Offense: The amount due shall be one hundred dollars ($100.00)
  • Second Offense [per calendar year]: The amount due shall be five hundred dollar ($500)
  • Third (or subsequent) Offense [per calendar year] The amount due will be one thousand dollars ($1,000)

So, who is serving who in this matter? I hammered them on this!  And that was my point during my testimony on Nov 20th:

I was hot under the collar – and I believe I had a right to be. Our money was taken from us – and then MANDATORY was laid upon us with no notice at all.  No input, no choice, no remedy. As I mentioned above, this process turned the relationship of Citizens that happen to have a Government (to serve them) upside down.

Note: “Rags” Grenier offered / asked if I would offer alternatives.  I failed to do so in time.  It still is my intent to do such, including adding a simple “pass through” of trash at an added fee (e.g., I currently pay $300 year for curbside pickup with no recycling needed on my part – no hours of cleaning stuff that I don’t want to clean, separate, and throw into containers that I don’t want to purchase to put into storage for which I have no space).

Note: Agenda is here. The minutes are here.

Since I am late on this, I will have another coupla posts with which to play catch up.