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Sen. Jeanne Shaheen Says Tulsi Gabbard Can Vote in the NH Primary Because She is Renting a House Here

Don’t you Hate it When a Democrat is Right?

Can Tulsi Gabbard vote in New Hampshire since she is renting a house here? No. Luckily for Rep. Gabbard, she is not part of this scramble-brain discussion. Only voter fraud proponents are quoted.

From a Newsday article written by Michael Graham.

According to the New Hampshire ACLU, the state Democratic Party, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen and — oddly enough — Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the answer appears to be yes. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii should be able to cast a vote in the New Hampshire presidential primary.

Tulsi Gabbard is a sitting Congresswoman from Hawaii. That means she is domiciled in that state NOT this state, New Hampshire. That seems obvious enough but progressives in NH have been selling the lie that citizens of other states can vote in New Hampshire simply because they are here or have a residence here. This has been going on since 1972.

Let’s break this “voting in a state in which you are not a legal resident” b.s. down:

  1. Tulsi Gabbard has a domicile in Hawaii or else there would be an election for her empty seat in Congress.
  2. Congressman Gabbard has a residence in Washington DC to conduct her congressional business or else she flies home every week. She might sleep in her office. I don’t know because it isn’t smart to publish the addresses of elected officials. But I assume she has some type of residence in DC.
  3. Congressman Gabbard is renting a residence in Goffstown while campaigning here. It is NOT her domicile.

The usual suspects claim Tulsi Gabbard can vote here – legally. Voting in NH in an election for candidates for federal office would violate US Code 52 – 10307 because NH can not legally supersede federal law.

This is probably why the NHACLU declined to answer questions about non-resident voting. They have a case pending in Federal Court where they have two naïve, out-of-state Dartmouth students as plaintiffs, with no standing to sue NH, for the “right” to vote in NH again.

This no comment regarding out-of-state voters is the smartest thing they have done since bringing their bogus case to Federal Court.

I would love to see a comment on a sitting congressman from another state voting in NH legally from:

  • Secretary of State Bill Gardner.
  • NH AG’s Office dweller Anne Edwards.
  • Or voter fraud whitewasher “Bud” Fitch.

This should be simple for anyone in NH’s Deep State to answer.

Warning to candidate Gabbard – please don’t pay attention to anyone urging you to commit voter fraud in New Hampshire. You are way better than that.