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Republican NH Rep. Bill Fowler, Steps Up to Challenge Democrat Chris Pappas in NHCD1

Bill Fowler Straws

A few weeks ago, there were no Republicans lined up to run against NH Democrat Chris Pappas. Now we’ve got three Matt’s (Mayberry, Mower, and Burrill). And now we have a fourth.

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New Hampshire Republican House Rep Bill Fowler is the new guy in a suddenly crowded field.

Bill represents Seabrook. He has an NHHRA score of 93.8. The NHLA gave him a B in 2019. All in all, a decent starting point.

But I don’t know Bill, so I reached out to him for a statement.

Career politicians who have decades of time in one office or another, claim to speak for the people but it seems they aren’t actually listening to the people. I am a regular guy, with a regular college education living in a regular town who sees how regular people have been vacated from politics and big money agendas.

I’ve dedicated my time to provide rides for disabled veterans, get mail, groceries and take trips to the store because no services are available for them. I have sat in a legislator’s seat for a year now and fought to bring their voices to the table only to be met with big money and big business incentives.

I am running for the Congressional District 1 seat because politics and party issues have taken the voice of the people out of politics. I am running because of those whom I have spoken who have asked for someone who will listen and represent their interests.

We are up to four candidates in the NHCD1 primary, three of them named Matt, and one named Bill. And it is still early. New Hampshire 2020 Primary (not to be confused with the Feb 11th presidential primary) is not for another ten months (more or less). There’s plenty of time to make a name for yourself after the Presidential primary circus leaves town. 

We’ll do our best to stay on top of it all.