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Quick Thought – Perhaps movie studios need gag rules in contracts for actors

I remember going to the very first Star Wars – I was an RA at BU during the summer and when it came out, my entire floor went to see it – great fun! I’ve watched most (but not all) over the years but haven’t watched the “latest ones”. Surprisingly enough, I was starting to get a hankering to do a binge of all of them but this just came up from some Brit actress who makes a living playing fantasy roles:

Daisy Ridley promotes ‘Star Wars’ with Trump-bashing: ‘Every sane person’ opposes U.S. president”

British actress Daisy Ridley, who portrays Rey in “Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker,” said Disney doesn’t have her on any sort of rhetorical leash when it comes to politics — particularly about President Trump. The linchpin heroine of the latest “Star Wars” movie and the previous two installments of the franchise sat down recently with the U.K. Guardian for a wide-ranging interview when the conversation veered into U.S. politics.

Ms. Ridley said that Americans must suffer some form of mental illness to support the Republican president.

Yep, I’m polarized AND partisan. Given that the Left wants to politicize everything and “Rey” has proceeded to do exactly that. And insult me to boot? Why would I bother? Why would I spend either good money or time for “sponsoring” her at all? She just insulted 1/2 her audience in the US – let her next few movies suffer the same fate that other Leftist actors’ movies have had after similar outbursts of condescension – flops all.

Sorry but the Left has set the rules – I’m just going to play by them.

(H/T: Washington Times)