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Kwisatz Haderach? – Harvard Geneticist Introduces Eugenics Dating App

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George Church (a Harvard Geneticist) has a new dating app. It matches people by their DNA profile with the goal of making future generations of “humans immune to all viruses (and) eliminates genetic diseases.”

He’s also hoping to reverse the aging process. Sounds Noble (Nobel?). What could go wrong?

What he’s talking about is a screening process where any prospective spouse out there with a bad genetic marker, no matter how compatible you might be, would be eliminated from contention. You would only be offered a choice of partners with the right DNA mix to assure that your kids didn’t inherit any genetic anomalies.

A well-meaning scientist creates a private genetic database of human beings who are deemed either ideal or defective (for the purpose of the goal). So, how long before the government seizes that for its purposes?

You know they want it.

The American Left has had a master race obsession since the progressive era (and still do). Heck, they inspired Hitler. So, what happens when some number of people (most likely the rich or politically powerful) get themselves or their kids tied into this? Or, anyone for that matter?

Well, I doubt the app is foolproof, and anyone who has even a passing interest in science fiction knows there will be outliers, end arounds, and yes – mad scientists. But what about a predictable (but ignored) downside?

The software isn’t supposed to tell you with whom you are not genetically compatible. You’ll only get pinged when the app finds a DNA match. Irrespective, I remind you, of any other factor that culture or evolution has imprinted upon us concerning to whom we are attracted. (I’ve always preferred brunettes. I have no idea why). 

What happens if you are never matched? Does it mean you are defective?

Pass the anti-depressants the internet culture just found another way to make the most connected generations in human history feel more alone.

I’m not objecting to any of this, by the way. I am, however, predicting unintended consequences that will reach deep into our culture and society and will, inevitably, be abused (or at least misused) by the government.

But who knows, maybe we’ll get a Kwisatz Haderach. As if we’d ever actually want one.

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