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It’s Not a Partisan, Divisive, Coarsening of “our” Politics When They Do It?

unhinged democrats

There are these Republicrats who created a group to fight Donald Trump and everyone who supports him. He is coarse and destructive – the harbinger of partisan division. If by that you mean, unwilling to bend to continuous pressure and committed to dismantling the bureaucratic state, I agree.

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That’s not what you mean, but by all means, draw your partisan and divisive battle lines and stand on the side of the ruling class; while you rant about unity and, not uncoincidentally, promote left-leaning big government priorities.

We’re talking about progressive Republicans. What, are in some circles, referred to as McCain C0nservatives. If you need context, New Hampshire, Jennifer Horn, is part of the cabal. Their goal is to conserve the power of the political class that funnels your money, through DC, into the pockets of power brokers in and out of elected office.

The Ruling Class. The Swamp. 

These “conservative” Republicrats are, like Sen. John McCain, aiding and abetting the enemies of our Constitutional Republic.

Fomenting dissent within the Republican party for the purpose of securing a DC ruling class for our posterity.

They are moles for the Democrat party agenda, sharing their narratives and selling their rhetoric. Or is it sharing their rhetoric and selling their narratives?

They are joining forces to deploy divisive, partisan narratives. But that’s not what that is when they do it. 

Whether you agree with the style or tenor of this President, has it occurred to you that his methods are creating more liberty, not less? And that by choosing to be partisan and divisive, you are warring against that? 

We have a massive economic upturn that has benefited every corner of the economy, especially small business owners, working families, and minorities. He is getting people off welfare and food stamps. Bring “good-paying” manufacturing jobs back to America. Forcing our so-called allies to ante up fiscally for shared responsibilities and saving American billions and moving the State out of the way to allow the free market to create opportunities for people to improve their own lives in their way at their own pace.

Without a by your leave from the US government.

Something no “Republican President” has done in over a generation. More, perhaps, on some fronts, than even Ronald Reagan.

Your division from the Republican party is a stark contrast to that success.

You have chosen to side with coarse, divisive, unhinged, often violent Democrats, against an economic expansion that keeps the promise of our constitution. To “promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.”

And that’s fine. If the Steve Schmidt, Jen Horn, Bill Kristol, McCain “Republicrat” wing would rather the government have more say in how we define what those things  (and then regulate them accordingly), at least admit it.

And while we’re at it, admit that the Constitution created a government meant to be divisive and jealous of its delegated and separate powers to protect liberty and prosperity from Democrats or the likes of McCain conservatives.

You are Muppets for the left-leaning (neocon) corporatists super-state engaged in tantrums about the coarsening and division of the culture while coarsening and dividing your own party to the benefit of the institutional left.

A right to which you are entitled. But understand this; your goals align more with Democrats whose entire agenda hinges on successfully diving us into factions they can then set against each other to turn our constitutional Republic into a Socialist oligarchy.

You are entitled to be on the wrong side of history, understand that that is in fact, where you are standing.