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Goodbye Left-Leaning ‘Drudge’ – Hello “Bongino Report”

Bongino Report

For years the Drudge report aggregated news content that helped surfers find something outside the main-stream media diet. Drudge has since been overcome by TDS. But we have good news. Dan Bongino has taken his podcast success and done us a solid with the Bongino Report.

Much the same way GraniteGrok saw the opportunity to fill a huge void in New Hampshire’s webspace Dan Bongino took Drudge’s Trump-Derangement decline as a signal and an opportunity. There is a lot of traffic to be had by aggregating Libertarian and conservative-leaning news content. There is also an army of Independents who support Trump. They need news that shows them that support is justified because the media, and now Drudge, are not telling both sides.

So, he did it.

Advertised as an alternative to the Drudge Report, likely the most prominent extant conservative news aggregator but lately of an increasingly anti-Trump bent, Bongino’s goal for his new site is to gather news, opinion pieces and video links from many different websites geared toward a conservative, libertarian, and constitutionalist viewpoint.

It is a natural extension of his daily newsletter, which he uses to drive traffic to his hugely successful podcast. Providing a degree of insight into national politics that was sorely missing.

As a former Secret Service agent with decades of investigative experience, Bongino has parlayed these skills into two books and what I’d call a public service. Insight into the federal law enforcement end of the ongoing parade of hoaxes aimed at removing Donald Trump from office.

Dan is also equipped to address economic issues in both the domestic and international economy, which makes for spot-on analysis concerning another critical issue of our day – debt, spending, and the power of free markets in the shadow of the Left’s openly socialist agenda.

I’ve been a huge fan of the podcast for years. And while the newsletter links are useful, this expansion into a full-blown news aggregator is better. Like in New Hampshire, it fills a critical need on th eright nationally.

So much so that the first day the traffic almost crashed the server.

Bookmark it. You won’t be disappointed.