Future Leaders Alert: Bias Complaint Filed Over Event Featuring Peanuts - Granite Grok

Future Leaders Alert: Bias Complaint Filed Over Event Featuring Peanuts


The future is in good hands. Our next generation of leaders includes those who think celebrating peanuts on campus is biased. No, not the characters created by Charles Schultz, nor their darling little (trigger warning!) Christmas Special. We’re talking about nuts!

“[The] complaint … stemmed from an event situated around a table at Rialto Dining Hall where students could learn all about peanuts.

They were treated to samples of a variety of peanut products, from ice cream sprinkles to pad thai noodles. Students were able to purchase blue shirts adorned with the words “PEANUT ENVY.” (According to the dining hall’s Facebook page, wearing one of these shirts would make one “the envy of everyone on campus! [winky face emoji]

The complainant, who has no allergy, was concerned for students who are allergic to peanuts.

“This is purely targetting [sic] students with that allergy,” wrote the student. “While not all allergies can be 100 percent avoided when eating in the dining center, this event was completely unnecessary” he or she added, noting that the dining hall’s air conditioning system was connected with other campus buildings and thus the contamination could be widespread.

Would it have helped if Marx or Engels loved them some nuts? So I need to expand on that?

Students were warned that there would be a table with peanut products on display that day if that were an issue. A courtesy the campus left never offers for any of their nonsense. Snowflakes (snowflakes) that could not contain their “concern” and filed a formal complaint with the university.

Well trained citizens of the Democrat Socialists New Reich. If you see something, say something — rat out friends and neighbors who deviate from the preferred precepts of the Party.

It is not clear if anyone stepped forward to represent the rights of people who are not allergic to peanuts (or anything else for that matter). Individuals forced to give up whatever the minority demands despite being in a public space and (at least in theory) a free society.

Such is the nature of the campus culture. Students trained to give up everything to the will of the state who don’t even comprehend what that means for their own lives, liberty, and prosperity.

We can only assume that they believe they will be sitting at the table with the ruling class when “utopia” finally arrives — a regime where everyone’s needs become secondary to the will of the state.

Including peanut allergies.

And they think they are smarter than us.

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