Data Point - November NICS data: we're buying more guns! - Granite Grok

Data Point – November NICS data: we’re buying more guns!

And now we can say, once again, THANKS DEMOCRATS!  The more you keep talking, especially Beto (who broke the civilian disarmament code of omerta), the more we keep buying.  And when you live in Washington State with one infringing law after another, Virginia’s Governor Northam threatening to use the National Guard against Virginia counties declaring themselves 2A Sanctuary counties, the rest of us are thinking “there but for the Grace of God (and are votes thus far) go we” – right to the local arms for sale shops. Except for right after Trump’s election.  Thanks to the Democrats mouthing off about infringing every way to Sunday (this is what happens when they believe they are elected to RULE instead of represent).

Disclaimer: this only shows approximate sales as not all checks result in a purchase and only one check is needed if several guns are being purchased. That said, those caveats happen for every year.

(H/T: The Truth About Guns)