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Who are all these Womxn and How do They Pronounce That?


The new trans hotness, well – not that new, is the abandonment of the straight white repressive patriarchy associated with the word ‘women.’ Like, Wo!, that word’s got ‘men’ in it, and we don’t need no stinkin’ men. An interesting irony in this context.

‘Womxn’ is a term adopted by men pretending to be women. More specifically, men of color, or black men pretending to be womxn.

“It’s Raining Men” Could Still be their Theme Song

Because womxn are men in women’s clothes (not that defining clothes as women’s’ isn’t sexist too) they probably should have gone with womyn. Get that ‘y’ chromosome involved. Especially since no amount of fashion, the best foundation with makeup, or chemistry (or surgery) can extract it from their DNA. 

Sadly, the ‘Y’ was (more irony) already taken by the feminists. As the Womyn’s Centre puts it:

The word “woman” refers to “of man” implying that a woman’s identity is inherently reliant on man…In spelling womyn with a “Y,” we recognize that womyn have diverse and different identities and roles which are not all defined by a relationship to men (or dictionaries!).

The feminists, who are none too fond of the transwomen (by most accounts), chose the male chromosome Y in place of the ‘E’ or the ‘A’ to signify that women are more than men.

I could have told you that without any linguistic gymnastics.

Sounds Like…

So, womxn means women (or woman), but how do you say it? After a not entirely exhaustive search of the internet, ‘mxn’ appears to be pronounced ‘men.’ Womxn is pronounced “wɪmən.”

I know, why bother?

Because confusing the h**k out of people is empowering. It’s also the foundation of the far-left — a cornerstone of their superiority complex.

The constantly shifting Orwellian language codes are important, because the insider-lingo allows leftists to feel a sense of smug superiority to their fellow man.

And what’s more confusing than men pretending to be women changing “women” to ‘womxn’ because it has the word men in it?

It makes perfect sense if you’re a womxn. And the rest of us are just supposed to nod our heads and get in line. Sorry, I’m not doing that.

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