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White Privilege Alert: AP, Honors, And College Credit High School Programs Discriminate

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Democrat policies destroy the family and dumb down education. So, it’s only natural that anyone capable of any level of achievement must have some other advantage. And to be fair to everyone else, let’s put the brakes on that and end honors and AP classes in High School.

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Eliminate screening by exams or grades. When possible, bus city kids to rural schools to balance out the demographics. Eliminate the marginalization created by math. Anyone who disagrees with them is racist.

End white toxicity and achievement supremacy. 

School systems across the country are seeking to abolish honors classes, teach how math has been used to oppress people, and let truant students into gifted schools. Advocates say the moves are aimed at diminishing an achievement gap between demographic groups.

In other words, the economics of socialism applied to education. There will be a ruling class (regardless of race) that has exceptional circumstances, and everyone else will be dumbed down to ensure generational servitude to the ruling class.

Did I get that wrong?

Instead of lifting kids up who need help, implementing vouchers, school choice, alternative learning, or whatever makes students smarter, let’s call everything racism and handicap the whole system and everyone’s education.

Kids who are mentally or physically incapable of functioning in a classroom already disrupt learning daily. Teacher’s hands are tied, so when a kid loses it, they must remove every other student from the classroom. Often for their protection. And in some cases, this is a daily occurrence. The expert’s answer is more of the same and a heaping helping of more administrative overhead, specialists, and handlers who are also unable to do much more than take notes and look for federal money to fund the expense.

So yes, bigger budgets please because we need higher-credentialed educators and more spending to make sure no one learns a thing, including school districts.

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