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Sex Assault Scandal Cover-Up – Principal Resigns. Anyone from the Union Want to Step Down?

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Last week the Concord School Board voted 9-0 to say goodbye to their Superintendent, Terri Forsten. Today we learn that Concord High School Principal Tom Sica, who may have helped cover-up accusations of sexual assault by a teacher, has resigned.

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WMUR reports that,

The Concord School Board on Monday night voted unanimously to accept the resignation of Concord High School Principal Tom Sica.

Sica had been on leave as the district examines the handling of incidents involving a former teacher who has been charged with sexual assault. The board revealed that the resignation was offered after Sica was informed that the entire board supported his termination.

There is a police investigation underway over the alleged assaults. Not just the actions of Leung (at least that is our understanding) but those who may have known and covered for him. Sica is at the top of that list, but there are others. The Teachers Union was involved. Interventions that may have kept a sexual predator in contact with his prey for years.

In this most recent incident,

Guidance counselor Karen Slick and art teacher Jeff Fullam, co-chairs of the grievance committee, wrote letters that questioned whether the girls could have seen what they reported, cited the unreliability of eyewitness accounts and suggested that the girls could have been punished for harassing their classmate by asking her about the interaction with Leung.

The Union recommended things like reviewing professional boundaries instead of disciplinary action. This was for the guy who is now in jail for multiple sexual assaults of minors. For the children?

No, the District isn’t going to be able to do much about the union reps. But they are also teachers in the school. What else did they know and when?

And wouldn’t it be nice if the union that claims to care about students and education did an investigation as well?

Maybe Concord High School has whistleblowers too.

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