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Senator Shaheen Just did Something Fabulous and Deserves Some Praise

Jeanne Shaheen

Senator Shaheen is not my favorite US Senator, policy-wise. I don’t know her personally, and frankly, that is irrelevant. It’s all about the votes, even if I like you as a person. What you do and say matters. And Senator Shaheen just did something fabulous and deserved some praise.

Thrift Savings Board’s (TSB) (has refused) to reverse its decision earlier this year to invest billions of dollars saved by federal employees and members of the U.S. military in Chinese firms connected to Beijing’s military research and development.

Piles of money invested by our sailors, soldiers, and airmen are being used to backstop a communist enemy. And while I’m not here to tell people where to invest, and frankly I prefer the government not get involved, this is a bit ridiculous. Senator Shaheen, who has more in common ideologically with the Chinese than with me, agrees.

“This should have been an easy call to reverse course, yet the board has decided to double down on this dangerous proposal. It’s reckless to prop up companies that threaten U.S. interests and values, and it’s particularly egregious that this is being done with the retirement savings of federal workers, including our military and civilian workforce,”

It is reckless, which brings me back to my typical viewpoint because it is relevant. Thank you for this, but when is this sudden concern for US interests and national security going to translate to things like border and energy policy?

The Democrat’s DACA and Open birder policies are responsible for the opioid crisis, gang crime, and the rise in human trafficking. Americans are killed because of Sanctuary policies. And that green energy future you dream about requires lithium batteries made with minerals mined by China.

The US may now have identified enough domestic lithium deposits to meet our needs for years to come. But like oil, the Left and its green ground troops make it as difficult and expensive as possible to benefit from our natural resources. Democrats, like Senator Shaheen, aid and abet them.

I’m no fan of your green dream. But you are, so when can we expect an about-face on this and other issues critical to national security that would deny our enemies billion of US dollars to prop up their disastrous regimes?

| Epoch Times