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Legislators Want to Hold No-Gun Zones Businesses Accountable for Injuries

Gun free zone

The Court is allowing a lawsuit to proceed that seeks to hold a gun maker responsible for injuries and deaths in a mass shooting. If turnabout is fair play, some legislators are proposing holding facilities accountable for injuries resulting from being disarmed and unable to defend themselves.

According to W.Va. Del. Brandon Steele, (R) 29th, legislation is needed to hold no-gun zones accountable in the event of a tragedy.

“If you’ve taken away that person’s ability to protect themselves, then it’s incumbent on you to protect them,” explained Del. Steele who is seeking a revision in state code.

In New Hampshire, a sign does not revoke your constitutional rights. Lawful gun owners who overwhelmingly carry concealed know enough to ignore them – even when they are posted illegally by local school districts in the Granite State.

But that does not prevent the business or facility from asking you to leave if they discover you are armed. In which case, you should honor their request. This suggests there is room for a law like the one proposed in Virginia – if the courts are going to claim that gun makers are responsible for shootings when neither car manufacturers or brewers or distilleries are responsible for drunk driving-related deaths.

Baseball bats kill more people, but no one is suggesting they pay. Bathroom fixtures are high on the list as well, but neither Kohler nor American Standard will need to lawyer up.

So, the lawsuit suggesting Remington is to blame for the Sandy Hook shooting is ridiculous. 

But is the idea that locations that have disarmed you resulting in your injury or death need to be legally responsible, a good one?

 I like it on its surface, but part of me loathes the idea of the state intervening. I’d prefer that free-market forces decide and leave it at that.


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