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Does a Lewandowski Candidacy for US Senate Change Everything in New Hampshire?

Corey Lewandowski

Corey Lewandowski is still considering a run for US Senate. He’s been teasing it for so long that people are beginning to get annoyed. Get in already, or say you’re out. It is keeping campaign money on the sidelines.

In one of a series of Saturday tweets, Lewandowski linked to an article on the website of Manchester, N.H., television station WMUR that reported Donald Bolduc, a declared Senate Republican candidate, had privately lamented his lackluster fundraising and wondered if Lewandowski speculation was a factor.

Lewandowski, mentioning Bolduc, a retired U.S. Army officer, tweeted that his “fundraising sucks because of the candidate. Not because of anything I did. Look forward to seeing you in September 2020 when you endorse me for the General Election. #TeamTrump.”

I have friends who think highly of Bolduc and those who don’t. Some say he’s the guy; others say he’s the moderate establishment pick. I don’t know Don Bolduc. What I do know is what I’m hearing. People who write checks to campaigns are waiting to write checks because of Corey.

That doesn’t necessarily mean Corey is wrong.

If Bolduc was the candidate they believed could beat Shaheen, would they be writing checks? Enough checks? Corey might see that and maybe sit this one out. The fact that they have not tells Corey something he wants to believe. They are waiting because they think Lewandowski is that guy.

Maybe he is that guy. Polling suggested the more moderate Gov. Chris Sununu could be that guy, but he’s sticking to the Governor’s office.

If we’re talking policy, constitutional values, and a proven record – someone we know we could trust in that den of vipers, Bill O’Brien is that guy.

So, who can beat Shaheen?

Nothing is Decided

Because it will come up. I’m not passing judgment my legion of Grok supporting Bolduc supporters or O’Brien supporters. I love you, folks. I’m just telling you what I see, hear, and think form 30,000 feet.  Disagreement on some points is a given. But politics has always been more perception than substance. No one wins these things alone. 

The people who donate to Republican Senate campaigns are deep-pocketed gamblers. Shaheen can be beaten. It is an important seat to flip. And if they do it now, she retires. She’s getting a bit old for a comeback in six years. 

But at present, Shaheen is entrenched and has deep pockets. Defeating her will require a lot of money. The early odds smile favorably on Lewandowski for high-profile support and lots of money

He’s polarizing and close to Trump. He could bring gobs of Trump supporter money into the Granite State that no other candidate, no matter how good, can get. Trump will definitely come here to support Corey – and that gets the Trump voters more animated and motivated – infrequent Republican and independent voters who showed up in 2016 but not in 2018.

Do we remember how those elections went? Federal, State, and local races were won and lost because of these voters.

Lewandowski scares the Democrats for all those reasons. He doesn’t just put a US Senate seat up for grabs the money and profile and energy could flip two congressional seats, the State Legislature, and the Executive Council. Their crappy socialist candidates for Governor won’t beat Sununu. It probably tips New Hampshire into Trump’s 2020 column, and he may need it.

Sure, some of those things can still happen without him — all of them. But your relationship to the President has put us in a unique situation. A lot of people (and dollars) are sitting idle at the starting line waiting to hit the gas and because of who you are and who you know, we can’t seem to get it moving until you make a decision.

So decide, one way or the other, for New Hampshire.

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