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Do Liz Warren’s Supporters Lie As Easily As She Does?

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Elizabeth Warren lies. Her whole life the Pretendian has been casting falsehoods by the look of it. Running for President has just given her more opportunity. To get caught. Her takeover of health care has had her lying left and right but mostly left. And now she’s lying about where she sent her kid to school.

And she lies without hesitation! 


“Warren was confronted by an activist for sending her son to a private school, and denied doing so. Then she admitted to the ⁦@FreeBeacon⁩ that she sent her son to private school beginning in 5th grade.”

L.iz warren exercised school choice.

Democrats in New Hampshire, many of who are Warren supporters, should explain why they object to school choice (at every opportunity) for the children of people who may not be as fortunate as Elizabeth Warren

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