And you wonder why Evangelicals WILL vote for Trump? - Granite Grok

And you wonder why Evangelicals WILL vote for Trump?


Remember, the Left has already made it QUITE clear that they don’t care what we think or what we believe.  It doesn’t matter, for instance, that the Constitutions (both NH and US) have parts to them that protect our Right to Freedom of Expression, the Right to Free Speech, and the Right of Conscious.  Yet, the Left’s dismissal of such is summed up here:

“Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will. And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.” -Hillary Clinton.

And Beto O’Rourke made it quite clear: believe in what *I* say you should or your church will be punished:

How is that any different than what the Chinese Communists are now doing to churches?  All three are saying the same thing: The State will decree what your dogma and theology will be.  You will believe in Secular Humanism.

And so with those as backdrops, why SHOULDN’T this hold true: Evangelicals Worry About Growing Intolerance, See Trump as Bulwark of Protection

These millions of evangelical Christians believe the Bible is the authoritative guide to daily living.

And just like other authoritarian regimes, we do see Goverment, more and more, not liking the idea that its “subjects” believe other than what it says we should.  Look at how it, via such ill-named agencies such as “Human Rights Commission”, react when Christian business people state that because of their religious faith, they cannot act in concert with those that would have them deny their faith (e.g., cakes, photography, designs, worship centers) is support that which they believe is sin?  The intolerance is NOT on those business people as they happily (in many cases) served their homosexual customers – they just can’t do so in celebration of same-sex marriage. Yet, they are branded as not being tolerant by those that actually target them “to break their will”.

Bible Central to Political Beliefs
More than any other group of Americans, evangelicals define good and evil, morality and immorality, based on the Bible and their faith, according to Lifeway Research, the research arm of the Christian book publisher. The centrality of the Bible in evangelical political thinking is reflected in a recent Lifeway survey that found 80 percent of evangelicalssay the Bible informs their political views,” while 81 percent “say they look for biblical principles to apply in evaluating political issues.”

Notice this phrasing as it is the direct opposite of how the Left views Constitutional issues – they first view the politics of the day and then are happy to re-interpret the Constitution as a “living document” that can and should be stretched to cover their political view of the day.  A Christian does the opposite – the Bible is central, first and foremost, and the issues of the day are interpreted from that standpoint.  Ditto, Conservatives and the Constitution – the Constitution is the lens that makes sense of the political issue as the Progressive does the opposite.

And the following is another reason why Christian felt put out or put upon when we disagree with the subjective or relative morality of Progressives:

When 1,000 Americans were asked about the biggest influences on their views on morality, the most often-cited factor at 39 percent was “parents,” Lifeway reported in 2017. But Lifeway also found that “those with evangelical beliefs are most likely to point to their faith (64 percent), rather than their parents (22 percent).” Evangelicals are also the most generous group of Americans, with eight of the top 10 most giving states (ranked according to their residents’ average percentage of net income devoted to charitable support) being in the South where Southern Baptist and independent conservative churches are especially common, according to the Philanthropy Roundtable.

And evangelicals believe in the power of prayer. The Barna Group reported in 2018 that “as of early 2017, 37 percent of American adults reported praying for Trump. Evangelicals were the group most active in their prayer, along with majorities of [other] groups with an active Christian faith.”

After all, we are commanded to pray for our leaders, right?  And then the piece goes on to the premise of the title (concerning Trump):

Many evangelicals worry about the ultimate fate of the country if officials they support are defeated in upcoming elections. “Almost three in five evangelicals by belief (58 percent) say that if those with whom they disagree politically are able to implement their agenda, “our democracy will be in danger,” Lifeway reported in its recent “Civility and Politics” survey.

Sidenote: I really DO wish people would get it correct – we are NOT a democracy and nor should we act as it were one.  We are a representative Constitutional Republic – a far cry from being a Democracy. Once again, I blame it on our useless education system in this political matter.

Civility in public policy discussion remains important to most evangelicals, according to Lifeway, which found 66 percent “believe being civil in political conversations is productive, with 22 percent dissenting and 12 percent not sure.” They worry, though, that their own civility is no longer returned by those who disagree with them. “Powerful interests on the other side of today’s polarizing society now want to make Christian belief a mark of bigotry and hate,” Tom Gilson, senior editor of the evangelical website The Stream, wrote earlier in October.

Yeah, well, I’m not one of those.  I’ll be civil to those that are civil to me and mine.  More and more, however, I’m not treated civilly. Like at the School Board meeting a month ago where I was branded a “Hate Blogger” even as I was talking about The Rule of Law by Jacob Maxwell of Gilford.  Why? I’m not a transgender”ally” (for what ever that means).  I don’t support it, or a whole panoply of other ideas (open borders, single payer healthcare, limits on Free Speech, civilian disarmament, believe in their identity politics totem pole, et al) – so I’m hateful. Big whopping deal – I stopped caring what they call me years ago but I no longer will put handcuffs on my mouth when they do so.  But I digress.

…A Warrior
But white evangelical support for Trump isn’t unconditional. Pew also found that “roughly half of white evangelicals do not think that Trump has set a high moral standard for the presidency since taking office.” Drollinger agreed, telling The Epoch Times on Oct. 30 that he doesn’t “think it is fair to assume that evangelicals would stick with Trump no matter what. If he showed no regard for God’s moral law, then I think they’d turn from supporting him.”

…“He’s the one fighting for values that evangelicals hold very dearly and I think that’s one reason you have such pushback from evangelicals on impeachment. “They take impeachment personally. They think to impeach President Trump equates with impeaching their own deeply held values. Christians have, I think for at least half a century, felt marginalized in society, and they see President Trump as representing values they think are important to the American people.”

We know that Trump is a flawed man in his personal history.  We also know that each of us is also flawed, so there’s that.  After all, “all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God”.  But we do know that the Left has already been demanding that our belief systems WILL be changed to fit their belief views – incrementally as is now or in large chunks if possible. Just see Hillary’s own words above – no compunction at all to disrespecting others’ beliefs.

Thus far, even if being flawed, one thing that Trump has shown Evangelicals is that while he may not have practiced those beliefs, he has been, far beyond any President lately, a stalwart protector of our beliefs; right of medical professionals to refuse working abortions, refusing to discriminate against Christian adoption agencies, siding with those (above) that would force those to invalidate their beliefs to serve their customers; the list goes on.

Trump has believers backs; he said he would in 2016. He’s proven it this far during his term. So why WOULD Evangelicals not support him?

So, answer me this – what Progressive, who generally believe in the State rather than in God, would have done the same things?

And remember, this country to founded on religious liberty – yet it is under attack.

Like here: Texas school district approves ‘aggressive’ sex ed curriculum for grades 3 through 8 amid protests (‘It’s just so much, so soon’)

If you think that Schools are taking on so much and too much of what should be the domain of parents passing on their morality about intimacy, your blood will boil.