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9 Health Benefits of an Espresso Cup

We all love our coffee, but there are those who’ve elevated the construction of caffeinated beverages to a fine art. Espresso is perhaps the purest form of artistic coffee, a super fine ground pressed through a specialized machine that produces an insanely concentrated coffee.

There are some surprising health benefits to espresso in addition to it being a fantastic way to enjoy your coffee. So, without further ado, let’s hop into some of the great benefits you can enjoy with a cup of espresso.

1. Fat Burning Potential

Caffeine naturally suppresses the appetite, it’s just a side effect of the stimulation that occurs when it crosses the blood-brain barrier.

In addition, having a cup of espresso a half hour before your cardio workout can have impressive results since it often enhances physical performance in the short term.

It’s also extremely low in calories further enhancing your ability to lose weight while drinking it since you skipped right to the good stuff instead of a sugar-and-cream laden drink.

That makes espresso a triple threat when you’re trying to shed pounds.

2. Enhanced Concentration

Caffeine, and by extension espresso, greatly enhances concentration when you hit the right dose.

If you ever find yourself asking “how much caffeine is too much?” you can gauge the dose by your ability to concentrate. If you’re feeling too wired to sit still and study by the heater with your espresso then you should back off.

At the right dose?

Well, there’s a reason that writers, scientists, and office workers all seem to live off of coffee. It makes their jobs easier due to their ability to concentrate for longer periods of time.

3. It’s Rich in Antioxidants

All coffee is rich in antioxidants, of course, but espresso has the distinct advantage of being much more concentrated.

Antioxidants have numerous benefits, but the primary interest in them is as anti-cancer agents. They’re also reputed to boost energy and generally make you healthier.

It might not quite be medicine, but it tastes a lot better and it gets pretty close if you regularly have a cup pulled for you. In fact, a single shot of espresso actually contains more antioxidants than a cup of green tea.

That’s a pretty hefty health benefit for something that already does so much.

4. It Boosts Your Mood and Motivation

Caffeine, as a stimulant, can also boost your mood. It’s not an anti-depressant but those who are conditioned to coffee and espresso already know they’ll be feeling better as soon as the next cup comes along.

It helps with motivation as well.

It’s no substitute for a psychiatrist, but espresso has a way of seriously brightening even the dreariest of mornings.

Of course, there’s also nothing better than hearing the hiss of your own espresso machine in the morning to help you know that the day is soon going to get better.

5. Improved Long Term Memory

The benefits don’t stop when the caffeine leaves your system. A couple of shots of espresso per day has been proven to increase long term memory in those who partake.

Memory consolidation occurs when our brains actually put things together for storage rather than just letting them slide by.

Once again we just have to historically look at those who regularly used espresso throughout their lives to see why coffee has become so intimately intertwined with writing and academia. It just works!

6. It’s Good for the Liver

Espresso has been found to reduce instances of cirrhosis, which is a form of liver disease where scar tissue forms and impairs the organ’s function, as well as keeping enzyme levels optimal.

Perhaps there’s a reason we associate hangovers with a good cup of coffee?

Your liver is one of the most important organs in your body, responsible for filtering toxins. Impaired liver function can lead to all sorts of complications, including cancers.

7. Reduced Chance of Diabetes

Espresso has been found to reduce the chance of diabetes by a large margin. It does so by regulating blood sugar through caffeine’s active mechanism in the body.

Specifically, it lowers the instance of Type 2 diabetes. If it runs in your family then making a routine of having a shot once or twice a day is a great preventative measure.

That’s a big win for those with a family history, and a great side-benefit for those who just love the stuff.

8. Improved Digestion

Espresso can help to keep you regular, which improves bowel health overall.

The benefits to your gastric system don’t stop there. Espresso also helps the body to eliminate excess waste faster by speeding up the metabolism, the same property that causes it to help you lose weight.

It also helps to prevent constipation by keeping your intestines moving things along throughout the day.

9. It’s Energizing

Of course, the reason most of us love espresso is easy: it wakes you up and helps to reduce fatigue throughout the day.

It even does it better than a similar amount of grounds which is made into coffee. Since espresso shots are often drunk quickly the effect will come on stronger than a sipped cup of coffee and the whole process of getting to stimulation is faster.

A good espresso shot is exactly what you need to speed your morning wake-up along.

More Than Just Concentrated Coffee

Espresso is more than just concentrated coffee: it’s a healthy alternative to teas and can help you break your morning sugar habit. There are myriad benefits to going down the espresso route and the above are only some examples of how amazing it can be.

So, we hope you’re not on the fence about it: perhaps it’s time to get your next cup of espresso and enjoy a great day!


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