Trump's WinRed Claims to Have Raised More in 3 Months than ActBlue did in 3 1/2 Years - Granite Grok

Trump’s WinRed Claims to Have Raised More in 3 Months than ActBlue did in 3 1/2 Years


Back in June, the Republican party proudly announced the roll-out of Win Red. The GOP’s small-donor fundraising answer to the Left’s ActBlue. A collaboration between Team Trump, the RNC, and the Congressional fundraising arms. Early signs are that it is a huge success.

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WinRed Twitter Screen Grab

We raised in 3 months what ActBlue raised in their first 3.5 years.

What reporting there is claims this haul is motivated by Americans who are upset about the Democrat’s endless attacks on this President and their impeachment proceedings.

Whatever the motivation the platform appears to be well received and is getting buy-in from local and state candidates and Republican committees.

WinRed Adoption

I have not looked yet to see if candidates in New Hampshire are using it, but they should. Fundraising isn’t fun but even local races can benefit from the simplicity of an online portal (web or mobile) that allows anyone, anywhere, to give you small (or large) donations. It can move a lot of dollars.

ActBlue knows this. It has been around for 15 years and has raised obscene amounts of money for candidates up and down the Democrat ticket. If this “beginning” for WinRed is any indication, the Republicans have found a fundraising machine with wide-reaching benefits to every Republican candidate.

Not thanks to Bush, or Romney, or Bill Kristol, or the McCain Family. Or any other progressive neocon ruling class shills. They had years to find a way to compete at this level. What did they do? Nothing.

Donald Trump got behind this and helped make it happen. Thirty-Million in three months.

How many of those never-Trumpers will eschew the tool out of principle?

When they use it will they have the good manners to say thank you?