Tournaments for the "Fallen 7" MicroInterviews - Part2: NH Governor Chris Sununu - Granite Grok

Tournaments for the “Fallen 7” MicroInterviews – Part2: NH Governor Chris Sununu

The Guv also showed up this past Saturday – as all politicians are wont to do, he made the rounds, had pictures taken with him, and then met up with NH State Rep Harry Bean (Gilford/Meredith) for a quick tutorial on arm wresting.  Harry is a multi-year World Champion and your’s truly would NEVER step up and challenge him in this – (heh!) he’d snap my forearm in a heartbeat as there is that much of a difference.  A man’s gotta know his limits and going up against a Champ ain’t the smartest thing I could have done.

But Chris did and then he had a few moments to comment about what Harry and his friends were doing for the Fallen 7: